“The Guardian of the Passage”,
a sensory interpretation of Linvisibile

28 September 2016

During this past year, Linvisibile has successfully renewed its image to better face the challenges of an evolving and more demanding market. Continuing with the process and to strengthen its identity, the company is proud to present a new collaborative project, the video “The Guardian of the Passage”, a sensory interpretation of Linvisibile’s rebranding curated by Matteo Ragni Studio and realized by Francesca Molteni and Muse Project Factory.

This inspiring piece is set to be presented for the first time on the occasion of Linvisibile’s new Bologna exhibition space opening party.
The event will take place at Insidesign Studiostore on September 28th at 6.00 pm.

Available to watch on:


At the following a paragraph authors by the creators that illustrate the vision that gave birth to the project:

The video intends to promote in an unconventional way Linvisibile’s new image and re-branding curated by Matteo Ragni Studio.
“The Guardian of the Passage” is Francesca Molteni’s interpretation of this change, who curated the project.

Geometries and materials seem to merge in the few centimeters of a threshold. An inspired visual narrative, an untold point of view about the theme of passages. The storytelling is evocative, it wishes to intrigue and astound without the use of corporate or institutional language.
These are moments, thresholds, passages of time and glimpses of unusual Italian landscapes. Doors that open and close, evoking more poetic interpretations, worlds yet to be explored.

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